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Effects of natural ingredients on the shelf life of chicken seasoning.
Food Chem ; 293: 120-126, 2019 Sep 30.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31151591
The effects of the natural ingredients Angelica sinensis (AS) and Codonopsis pilosula (CP) on the shelf life of chicken seasoning were investigated. Color differences and sensory evaluation were used to indicate sensory differences. Changes in volatiles were monitored. The rate of increase in the color value a* of the AS and CP samples was lower than that in the control. Rancid flavor appeared later in the AS and CP samples than in the control. The levels of aldehydes, ketones, and alkenes increased during storage. A kinetic model was built based on the proportion of aldehydes (main marker), to predict shelf life. The predicted shelf life at room temperature was 60 days for the control, 114 days for AS, and 89 days for CP. The shelf life of chicken seasoning could be prolonged with AS and CP. This kinetic model can be used to predict the shelf life of chicken seasoning.





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