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Dysfonction érectile et traitement antihypertenseur : impact des différentes classes thérapeutiques et conduite à tenir à l'égard du traitement. / [Sexual dysfunction and antihypertensive treatment: Involvement of the different therapeutic classes and what to do about the treatment of hypertension].
Presse Med ; 48(11 Pt 1): 1222-1228, 2019 Nov.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31303372
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not routinely discussed with patients in cardiology practices whereas it may impact the ability of patients to stay on therapy. Most of the studies about ED and antihypertensive therapies have several methodological limitations. Diuretics and beta-blockers have been shown to have a deleterious effect on ED. ISRA inhibitors, calcium antagonists, vasodilator beta-blockers and alpha-blockers have been shown to have a neutral impact on ED. Angiotensin 2 inhibitors, nebivolol and alpha-blockers use has sometimes beneficial effect on ED. In case of ED due to antihypertensive treatment, drugs can be switched each other but careful attention in patients with a high cardiovascular risk is required.





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