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Enantioselective hydrogenation of α-ketoesters catalyzed by cinchona alkaloid stabilized Rh nanoparticles in ionic liquid.
Chirality ; 31(10): 818-823, 2019 10.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31310386
The heterogeneous enantioselective hydrogenation of α-ketoesters catalyzed by rhodium nanoparticles (Rh NPs) in ionic liquid was studied with the stabilization and modification of cinchona alkaloids. TEM characterization showed that well-dispersed Rh NPs of about 1.96 nm were obtained in ionic liquid. The results showed that cinchona alkaloids not only had good enantiodifferentiating ability but also accelerated the catalytic reaction. Under the optimum reaction conditions, the enantiomeric excess in ethyl benzoylformate hydrogenation could reach as high as 60.9%.





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