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Spreading Ideas: TED Talks' Role in Cancer Communication and Public Engagement.
J Cancer Educ ; 2019 Jul 26.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31350685
Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Talks have represented a broad source of health communication since 1984. However, to date, no studies exist on how this tool addresses the question of cancer. In this paper, we aim to illuminate two major issues: (1) Are TED Talks a good source for cancer communication? (2) How does the public respond to cancer-related TED Talk lectures? To this end, we searched for the keyword 'cancer' on the website in January 2018. All transcripts were obtained along with related information such as numbers of views, like and dislike rates. We also analysed a sample of 938 comments, corresponding to the 10 most relevant (if existing) regarding each video on and YouTube platforms. From the 49 videos pertaining to cancer, 33 were scientific-related, whereas 11 focused on speakers' personal experiences. Only three videos approached prevention themes of major relevance for cancer communication to broad audiences. Instead, they brought more therapy (16) and diagnosis (12) issues and often promoted exaggerated extrapolations of research results (20). Scientific lectures also made frequent use of a 'bad vs. good' duality discourse by criticizing current science/policies and then offering a solution/hope. Regarding the public response, non-scientific lectures had more negative votes than scientific counterparts. Moreover, the audience exhibited two major motivations to provide a comment: to judge the lectures and to share personal stories. We believe that our observations are of considerable relevance for helping in enhancing this tool as a substantial cancer communication source.





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