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Experimental determination of single molecule toroic behaviour in a Dy8 single molecule magnet.
Nanoscale ; 11(32): 15131-15138, 2019 Aug 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31372609
The enhancement of toroic motifs through coupling toroidal moments within molecular nanomagnets is a new, interesting and relevant approach for both fundamental research and potential quantum computation applications. We investigate a Dy8 molecular cluster and discover it has a antiferrotoroic ground state with slow magnetic relaxation. The experimental characterization of the magnetic anisotropy axes of each magnetic center and their exchange interactions represents a considerable challenge due to the non-magnetic nature of the toroidal motif. To overcome this and obtain access to the low energy states of Dy8 we establish a multi-orientation single-crystal micro Hall sensor magnetometry approach. Using an effective Hamiltonian model we then unpick the microscopic spin structure of Dy8, leading to a canted antiferrotoroidic tetramer molecular ground state. These findings are supported with electrostatic calculations that independently confirm the experimentally determined magnetic anisotropy axes for each DyIII ion within the molecule.





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