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Ebstein's Anomaly.
Methodist Debakey Cardiovasc J ; 15(2): 138-144, 2019.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31384377
Ebstein's anomaly is a malformation of the tricuspid valve with myopathy of the right ventricle (RV) that presents with variable anatomic and pathophysiologic characteristics, leading to equally variable clinical scenarios. Medical management and observation is often recommended for asymptomatic patients and may be successful for many years. Tricuspid valve repair is the goal of operative intervention; repair also typically includes RV plication, right atrial reduction, and atrial septal closure or subtotal closure. Postoperative functional assessments generally demonstrate an improvement or relative stability related to degree of RV enlargement, RV dysfunction, RV fractional area change, and tricuspid valve regurgitation.





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