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An electrostatic in-line charge-state purification system for multicharged ions in the kiloelectronvolt energy range.
Rev Sci Instrum ; 90(8): 083306, 2019 Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31472612
The performance of a newly built omega type electrostatic analyzer designed to act as an in-line charge-state purification system for ions in the kiloelectronvolt energy range is reported. The analyzer consists of a set of four consecutive electrostatic 140° concentric cylindrical electrodes enclosed by Matsuda electrodes. This setup was recently tested and validated using O5+, Ar9+, and Xe20+ ion beams at an energy of 14 qkeV at the ARIBE facility. A resolving power of 10.5 and a transmission of 100% of the desired charge state are measured allowing a good purification of incoming ion beams with charge states up to 10+ and a fairly good purification for charge states at least up to 20+. In comparison with other in-line solutions such as the Wien filter, our system has the advantage of being purely electrostatic and therefore lacking common drawbacks as, for example, hysteresis.





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