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Nanotechnological based miRNA intervention in the therapeutic management of neuroblastoma.
Semin Cancer Biol ; 2019 Sep 25.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31562954
Neuroblastoma (NB) is a widely diagnosed cancer in children, characterized by amplification of the gene encoding the MYCN transcription factor, which is highly predictive of poor clinical outcome and metastatic disease. microRNAs (a class of small non-coding RNAs) are regulated by MYCN transcription factor in neuroblastoma cells. The current research is focussed on identifying differential role of miRNAs and their interactions with signalling proteins, which are intricately linked with cellular processes like apoptosis, proliferation or metastasis. However, the therapeutic success of miRNAs is limited by pharmaco-technical issues which are well counteracted by nanotechnological advancements. The nanoformulated miRNAs unload anti-cancer drugs in a controlled and prespecified manner at target sites, to influence the activity of target protein in amelioration of NB. Recent advances and developments in the field of miRNAs-based systems for clinical management of NBs and the role of nanotechnology to overcome challenges with drug delivery of miRNAs have been reviewed in this paper.





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