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Das Potenzial neuer Technologien zur Unterstützung von Pflege über eine räumliche Distanz.
Pflege ; 32(6): 324-333, 2019.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31576771
The potential of technological assistance to support distance caregiving - literature review and empirical results Abstract.


Due to demographic change, increasing labour mobility and changing family patterns, social relationships often exist over long distances. Supporting relatives over a distance is therefore a highly topical issue but still little discussed, also in Germany and Switzerland.


The project "DiCa" (2016 - 2019) with an interdisciplinary research team from Germany (EH Ludwigsburg) and Switzerland (Careum School of Health, Zurich) aims to investigate different dimensions of "Distance Caregiving". This paper deals with the possible use of new technologies to support these care arrangements.


Based on a literature review, qualitative interviews were conducted with "Distance Carers" and partner companies in Germany to investigate the use of new technologies in the context of "Distance Caregiving".


There are initial approaches concerning technical solutions in home care and in companies. So far communication options via telephone and smartphone and flexible working time and workplace regulations have played an important role. However, the potential of new technologies does not seem to be fully explored.


In order to make the most of the various possibilities of innovative technologies in the context of "Distance Caregiving" for those affected but also for companies, well-researched information and independent advice and counseling are required for all parties involved in the care process.





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