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Single-molecule level control of host-guest interactions in metallocycle-C60 complexes.
Nat Commun ; 10(1): 4599, 2019 10 10.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31601813
Host-guest interactions are of central importance in many biological and chemical processes. However, the investigation of the formation and decomplexation of host-guest systems at the single-molecule level has been a challenging task. Here we show that the single-molecule conductance of organoplatinum(II) metallocycle hosts can be enhanced by an order of magnitude by the incorporation of a C60 guest molecule. Mechanically stretching the metallocycle-C60 junction with a scanning tunneling microscopy break junction technique causes the release of the C60 guest from the metallocycle, and consequently the conductance switches back to the free-host level. Metallocycle hosts with different shapes and cavity sizes show different degrees of flexibility to accommodate the C60 guest in response to mechanical stretching. DFT calculations provide further insights into the electronic structures and charge transport properties of the molecular junctions based on metallocycles and the metallocycle-C60 complexes.





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