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Preparation content updating of future dentists to professional interaction.
Wiad Lek ; 72(9 cz 2): 1809-1813, 2019.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31622271


Introduction: One of the most important indicators of the professional training of future dentists, their competitiveness is the development of professional interaction. The aim of the article is to update the content of the training of future dentists to engage in professional interaction.


Materials and methods: The study, completed during 2015-2018, was attended by 292 students of the specialty "Stomatology". The research uses the following methods: theoretical - analysis, synthesis, systematization and synthesis of scientific literature; empirical - testing, survey, monitoring, pedagogical experiment to find out the effectiveness of the developed content of training future dentists; methods of mathematical statistics.


Results and conclusions: For realization of the research purpose it was specially developed a discipline "Professional interaction of dentists" which is aimed at the realization of the tasks: the acquisition of future dentists theoretical knowledge on problems of communication and interaction; increasing the need for communication, implementing a variety of interactions; the formation of future dentists readiness for the implementation of professional interaction, positive communicative attitude to team interaction and receiving satisfaction from it. The program results of the study of the indicated discipline are presented, content of its modules is disclosed. Interactive forms which are used in the process of training future dentists (trainings, business games, problem situations, etc.) and teaching methods (dialogue-discussion, polygon, brainstorming, method of ideas generation, situational dialogues, etc.) are described. The components of future dentist's readiness for professional interaction are developed: motivational, cognitive, operational and personal. The results of the pedagogical experiment, which proved the effectiveness of the implementation of the special course "Professional Interaction of Dentists¼, are presented. Statistical analysis of the results of the study made it possible to establish that after studying the special course in the experimental group there was a noticeable significant increase in the number of students assigned to the high level, in addition, the number of future dentists with a low level was significantly reduced.





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