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Association of Hemorrhoid Vascular Injuries with Cigarette Smoking-An Evaluation with Interesting Prospects.
Surg J (N Y) ; 5(4): e172-e176, 2019 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31720374
Background Hemorrhoids are vascular structures in the anal canal which are seldom used to evaluate vascular diseases. Cigarette smoking is well-known to cause both arterial and venous vascular injuries. However, the impact of smoking on hemorrhoid vasculature is unknown. Objective Considering that vasculature in the hemorrhoids has the same anatomy and pathophysiology of vascular damage as other systemic vasculatures, we conducted this study to evaluate the relation between smoking and incidence of hemorrhoidal vascular injury. Design and Data Analysis Retrospective review of all the screening colonoscopies performed at our Department of Gastroenterology (predominantly serving urban minority population) over 3 years was conducted and patients with recorded smoking history were included in the study ( n = 242). Fisher's exact test with two-tailed p -value and odds ratio were used to evaluate for the association between smoking and incidence of hemorrhoids. Results We studied 242 subjects and found statistically significant association between smoking and hemorrhoids ( p < 0.05) with the risk of developing hemorrhoids among smokers being 2.4 times that of a nonsmoker. We further noted no significant difference in the incidence of hemorrhoidal vascular injuries between the past versus current smokers and male versus female smokers. Conclusion This is one of the first studies to establish an association between smoking and hemorrhoids. Our study shows that the hemorrhoidal vasculature is impacted by smoking similar to other vascular systems. This study sheds light on the possibility of evaluating hemorrhoids for clues of other systemic and gastrointestinal vascular damage. This correlation can add clinical value especially given the flexibility of assessing hemorrhoids as an outpatient in a cost effective and comfortable manner.





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