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Éffektivnost' kompressionnogo trikotazha i élasticheskogo bintovaniia pri khirurgicheskom lechenii varikoznoi bolezni. / [Efficacy of compression hosiery and elastic bandaging after surgical treatment of varicose veins].
Angiol Sosud Khir ; 25(4): 108-115, 2019.
Artigo em Russo | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31855207


The purpose of the study was to compare the results of using compression knitwear and elastic bandaging in the postoperative period after endovasal laser coagulation in patients with varicose veins.


A total of forty 20-to-55-year-old women with a body mass index of ≤ 35 kg/m2 and CEAP class C2-C3 lower limb varicose veins were randomized into two numerically equal groups. The Study Group included those receiving postoperative compression on the operated leg with the help an elastic stocking, whereas in the Comparison Group compression was achieved by laying an elastic bandage. Both group women underwent laser coagulation of the great saphenous vein and removal of separate veins with the help of Mueller hooks. Efficacy of compression therapy was comparatively assessed based on the results of interviewing the patients prior to intervention and 1 month thereafter, as well as by the level of pain syndrome according to the visual analogue scale at 24 and 48 postoperative hours, by the time spent by the personnel for bandaging of the limb or putting on the compression stocking intraoperatively and at the first dressing, by the degree of lower limb oedema and dynamics of regression thereof, by the area of postoperative haematoma and its dynamics after 2, 7 days and at 1 month. Besides, we evaluated the findings of ultrasonographic angioscanning of lower limb veins at one month postoperatively.


The obtained findings demonstrated that efficacy of using a medical compression stocking after the procedure of endovasal laser coagulation in women with varicose veins was comparable to that of elastic bandaging. By the incidence rate and area of extension of postoperative haematomas, degree of pain syndrome, patient-oriented assessment using the Chronic Venous Insufficiency Quality of Life Questionnaire (CIVIQ), condition of veins according to the findings of ultrasonographic angioscanning no significant differences were revealed between the two methods of elastic compression of the leg. However, using a medical stocking appeared to promote a statistically significant 1.4-1.6-fold reduction in the time spent for formation of elastic compression of the lower limb, as well as a decrease in the incidence rate and degree of local oedema of the lower limb in the postoperative period.





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