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Seeing pressure in color based on integration of highly sensitive pressure sensor and emission tunable light emitting diode.
Opt Express ; 27(24): 35448-35467, 2019 Nov 25.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31878716
We demonstrate a highly sensitive, low-cost, environmental-friendly pressure sensor derived from a wool-based pressure sensor with wide pressure sensing range using wool bricks embedded with a Ag nano-wires. The easy fabrication and light weight allow portable and wearable device applications. Wth the integration of a light-emitting diode possessing multi-wavelength emission, we illustrate a hybrid multi-functional LED-integrated pressure sensor that is able to convert different applied pressures to light emission with different wavelengths. Due to the high sensitivity of the pressure sensor, the demonstration of acoustic signal detection has also been presented using sound of a metronome and a speaker playing a song. This multi-functional pressure sensor can be implemented to technologies such as smart lighting, health care, visible light communication (VLC), and other internet of things (IoT) applications.





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