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Microstructure, Wettability, Corrosion Resistance and Antibacterial Property of Cu-MTa2O5 Multilayer Composite Coatings with Different Cu Incorporation Contents.
Biomolecules ; 10(1)2019 Dec 31.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31906220
Bacterial infection and toxic metal ions releasing are the challenges in the clinical application of Ti6Al4V alloy implant materials. Copper is a kind of long-acting, broad-spectrum and safe antibacterial element, and Ta2O5 has good corrosion resistance, wear-resistance and biocompatibility, they are considered and chosen as a potential coating candidate for implant surface modification. In this paper, magnetron sputtering technology was used to prepare copper doped Ta2O5 multilayer composite coating Cu-Ta2O5/Ta2O5/Ta2O5-TiO2/TiO2/Ti (Cu-MTa2O5 for short) on Ti6Al4V alloy surface, for studying the effect of copper incorporation on the microstructure, wettability, anticorrosion and antibacterial activities of the composite coating. The results showed that Cu-MTa2O5 coating obviously improves the hydrophobicity, corrosion resistance and antibacterial property of Ti6Al4V alloy. In the coating, both copper and Ta2O5 exhibit an amorphous structure and copper mainly presents as an oxidation state (Cu2O and CuO). With the increase of the doping amount of copper, the grain size, roughness, and hydrophobicity of the modified surface of Ti6Al4V alloy are increased. Electrochemical experiment results demonstrated that the corrosion resistance of Cu-MTa2O5 coated Ti6Al4V alloy slightly decreased with the increase of copper concentration, but this coating still acts strong anticorrosion protection for Ti6Al4V alloy. Moreover, the Cu-MTa2O5 coating can kill more than 97% of Staphylococcus aureus in 24 h, and the antibacterial rate increases with the increase of copper content. Therefore, Cu-MTa2O5 composite coating is a good candidate for improving anticorrosion and antibacterial properties of Ti6Al4V alloy implant medical devices.





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