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Structural Analysis of the Bulbospongiosus Muscle in Patients With Bulbar Urethral Strictures.
Urology ; 137: 183-189, 2020 03.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31926195


To characterize the bulbospongiosus muscle (BSM) in patients with bulbar urethral strictures. MATERIALS AND


We studied 21 patients divided into 2 groups Stricture Group (n = 14; mean age = 62.00 years) with bulbar stricture submitted to open urethroplasty; and Control Group (n = 7; mean age = 60.14 years) with penile strictures (hypospadias cripples, penile cancer and/or penile infection) who were submitted to perineal urethrostomy. Samples of the BSM were dissected and histologic sections were stained by histochemical and immunohistochemical techniques. Histomorphometric analyzes were performed on photomicrographs. Means were statistically compared using the unpaired Student t test and the Mann-Whitney test (P <.05).


The etiology of bulbar urethral stricture was idiopathic in 2 cases (14.29%), post-TURP in 6 (42.86%), post open radical prostatectomy in 5 (35.71%) and post open prostatectomy in 1 case (7.14%). The average length of the stricture was 2.08 cm. The only parameter analyzed with significant difference between the groups was the vessels (significant difference between the control group 5.11 ± 1.98% and stricture group 3.57 ± 1.32%, P = .0460). The quantitative analysis of collagen (Control Group 10.63 ± 5.37% and Stricture Group 10.83 ± 4.55%, P = .9296); diameter of BSM muscle fibers (Control Group 41.71 ± 14.63 µm and Stricture Group 40.11 ± 8.59 µm, P = .76 and elastic system fibers (Control Group; 3.83 ± 1.54% and Stricture Group 5.43 ± 2.90%, P = .2601) showed no significant difference.


Histologic analysis showed a significant decrease of the BSM vessels in urethral stricture, without changes in elastic fibers, collagen, nerves, and muscle fiber diameter. These findings show that the bulbar urethral stricture causes minimal alterations in the structure of the BSM.





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