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Spraying carbon powder derived from mango wood biomass as high-performance anode in bio-electrochemical system.
Bioresour Technol ; 300: 122623, 2020 Mar.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31927344
Microbial fuel cell is a green and sustainable bio-electrochemical system that can harvest bioelectricity from organic matter conversion by bacteria in wastewater, but weak electrochemical activity and poor biocompatibility between electro-active bacteria and anode limit its scale-up application. In the present, the biomass carbon derived from mango wood was prepared via one-step carbonization method for anode materials in microbial fuel cell. A desirable anode C/1050 with large electrochemical active surface area (75.3 cm2), low electron transfer resistance (4.36 Ω), and benign biocompatibility were developed, achieving power density up to 589.8 mW·m-2. This study provides a low-cost and high-performance biomass carbon used as anode material in microbial fuel cell for practical application.





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