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[Delayed ejaculation: epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment].
Urologiia ; (6): 150-155, 2019 12 31.
Artigo em Russo | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32003187
Delayed ejaculation is a form of sexual disorders, which is characterized by constant or intermittent delays or absence of ejaculation and orgasm, despite normal sexual arousal and erectile function. Delayed ejaculation is one of the most studied and rare types of male sexual dysfunctions, which leads to depression, anxiety, and often is a reason of low self-esteem, reduced satisfaction of a man with his partner, and worsening of relationships between partners. In some cases, delayed ejaculation and anejaculation cause infertility. Current views on epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment strategy of delayed ejaculation are presented in the article.





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