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[Establishment and Application of HPA1-6, 15 Platelet Donor Bank in Beijing Area].
Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi ; 28(1): 296-299, 2020 Feb.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32027292


To establise the bank of platelet donors with the human platelet antigen (HPA) 1-6, 15 genes so as to provide the HPA-matched platelets for the patients.


The HPA genotyping of platelets donors and patients with platelet antibody positive confirmed by sercening was performed by using the SSP-PCR; the efficacy of transfusing the HPA-matched platelets for 37 cases platelet antibody positive was analyzed.


The most common genotype in platelet donors were HPA-1a/1a-2a/2a-3a/3b-4a/4a-5a/5a-6a/6a-15a/15b, followed by HPA-1a/1a-2a/2a-3a/3a-4a/4a-5a/5a-6a/6a-15a/15b; the most common genotype in 53 cases of platelet antibody positive confirened by screening were HPA-1a/1a-2a/2a-3a/3b-4a/4a-5a/5a-6a/6a-15a/15b. Among 37 patients with platelet antibody positive confirened by screeming, 28 showed that the transfusion of HPA-matched platelets was effective with statistically significant difference in comparison with random transfusion group. The HPA-3, HPA-15 were the main factors leading to polymorphisms.


HPA-3 and HPA-15 are polymorphic, which should be focused on. HPA-matched platelets can improve the efficiency of platelet transfusion, and avoid the waste of blood resources. The genotypes of platelet donors can basically meet the requirements for common genotype transfusion.





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