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Recommandations dans le diagnostic et la prise en charge de la syncope sur hypotension orthostatique. / [Recommendations in the diagnosis and management of syncope due to orthostatic hypotension].
Rev Med Liege ; 75(3): 154-158, 2020 Mar.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32157839
Syncope is a frequent reason for admission to emergency department or consultations. The common pathophysiological mechanism is a drop in systemic blood pressure leading to cerebral hypoperfusion, and ultimately to total loss of consciousness. The causes are multiple, with varying degrees of severity, classified into three main types reflex syncope, syncope due to orthostatic hypotension and cardiac syncope. Among these, orthostatic hypotension can be easily detected, particularly by performing an orthostatic challenge with active standing, which is recommended in the presence of any syncope. Simple measures can reduce the recurrence of this type of syncope, even if sometimes drug treatments are necessary. In this article, we will detail the characteristics, diagnostic methods and therapies recommended by the latest guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology.





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