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Gene therapy for cardiovascular diseases in China: basic research.
Gene Ther ; 2020 Apr 27.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32341485
Cardiovascular disease has become a major disease affecting health in the whole world. Gene therapy, delivering foreign normal genes into target cells to repair damages caused by defects and abnormal genes, shows broad prospects in treating different kinds of cardiovascular diseases. China has achieved great progress of basic gene therapy researches and pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases in recent years. This review will summarize the latest research about gene therapy of proteins, epigenetics, including noncoding RNAs and genome-editing technology in myocardial infarction, cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury, atherosclerosis, muscle atrophy, and so on in China. We wish to highlight some important findings about the essential roles of basic gene therapy in this field, which might be helpful for searching potential therapeutic targets for cardiovascular disease.





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