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Vliianie nitrozoguanidine i ul'trafioleta na Endomycopsis fibuligera--produtsent gliukoamilazy. / [Effect of nitrosoguanidine and ultraviolet light on Endomycopsis fibuligera-- producer of glucoamylase].
Mikrobiologiia ; 46(4): 707-10, 1977.
Artigo em Russo | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-333238
The effect of nitrosoguanidine (NG) and ultra-violet light (UV) on the survival and the activity of glucoamylase (GIA) was studied with Endomycopsis fibuligera. Variants which strongly differed from the control cultures in their activity of Gia were sported only by the action of NG, particularly at a concentration of 500 mcg/ml, during 90 min. In this case, about 5 per cent of variants with the activity of GIA being 160-200 per cent of the control value appeared in the population.





Coleções: Bases de dados internacionais Base de dados: MEDLINE Assunto principal: Ascomicetos / Raios Ultravioleta / Glucana 1,4-alfa-Glucosidase / Saccharomycetales / Glucosidases / Nitrosoguanidinas Idioma: Russo Revista: Mikrobiologiia Ano de publicação: 1977 Tipo de documento: Artigo