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Volvulus of the colon
Am J Proct Gastroenterol Col Rect Surg ; 32(3): 17-8,20,28, Mar. 1981.
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Volvulus of the colon is a closed loop obstruction resulting from an axial rotation of the colon on its mesentry. It is one of the common causes for obstruction in Northern Iran, East Africa, Eastern Europe and India. It is probably related to the high roughage diet consumed in these communities. These diets are similar to the Jamaican diet. This retrospective study was undertaken to determine the frequency of this type of acute abdominal emergency seen at the University Hospital of the West Indies, (UHWI), Kingston, Jamaica. Colonic volvulus accounted for 8-9 percent of all intestinal obstruction seen at the UHWI between 1971-1976. All types of volvulus were seen with sigmoid volvulus being the most commonly encountered. A high incidence of compound volvulus was also noted. The high roughage diet is suggested as an etiological factor since it is similar to the diet in other countries where the incidence of volvulus is high. Colonic volvulus is an acute surgical emergency requiring prompt diagnosis and urgent treatment. (Summary)





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