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AIDS - the legal and ethical issues confronting the medical profession - abstract
West Indian med. j ; 40(Suppl. 2): 102, July 1991.
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The AIDs pandemic has brought in its wake a number of legal and ethical dilemmas for the members of the medical profession. The extent of the duty of the doctor care for the HIV-infected patient; how much exposure the health professional should be willing to risk; and whether the criteria for research and experimentation, terminal care and access to life-sustaining treatment should be modified for HIV-infected persons are some of the very vexed issues being currently debated. Problems of confidentiality; consent; reporting and notification of HIV status; disclosure to third parties at risk; discrimination; isolation and detention; irresponsible, violent or dangerous patients; mental competence; living wills and power of attorney all complicate the management of the HIV-infected. The HIV-infected doctor presents a particularly difficult quandary. While most people will readily accept the exposure of the doctor to the illnesses of patients, and the possibility of contagion comes with the territory, few seem to accept that the reverse is true. The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2000, about 10 million infants and children will have been infected by the HIV and that an even greater number will be uninfected but orphaned as a result of the AIDS pandemic. In addition to the tremendous social and public health consequences, there are difficult legal and ethical problems to be grappled with in managing these children (AU)





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