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Coronary risk factors in Trinidadian women aged 35 - 69 years - abstract
West Indian med. j ; 29(4): 279, Dec. 1980.
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The Port-of-Spain cardiovascular survey will eventually include approximately 1,500 women aged 35-69 years. Casual blood pressures are measured on two occasions. Venepuncture is performed for fasting blood glucose and serum lipid concentrations. Glucose tolerance tests are arranged when fasting glucose is between 111-139 mg/100ml. At mid-January, 1980, 171 African and 165 East Indian women had been examined. Up to 55 years systolic pressure increased with age similarly in both ethnic groups, averaging 132 mmHg in Africans and 12 mmHg in Indians (p<0.002). Above 54 years mean systolic pressures were 148 mmHg in both groups. Diastolic pressures did not differ significantly with age, sex or ethnic group (overall mean, 82 mmHg). Hypertension (<160/95 mmHg) occurred in 35 percent of African and 20 percent of Indian women. Mean blood glucose and total cholesterol concentrations increased with age and did not differ significantly with ethnic group (<55 years, 85 and 229 mg/100ml o55 years, 95 and 248 mg/100 ml respectively), although concentrations tended to be slightly higher in Indian women. Twenty-four per cent of Indians and 19 per cent of Africans had diabetes melitus. Between 35 and 54 years, mean high-density lipiprotein cholesterol (HDLc) concentration was significantly lower in Indian (41 mg/100 ml) than African (52 mg/100 ml) women (p<0.001). Between 55 and 69 years, concentrations were similar in both groups (combined mean, 47 mg/100 ml). Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and hypercholesterolaemia appear at least as common in women as in men in this community, but HDLc concentrations are higher in women than men in both ethnic groups (AU)





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