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Support tool to assess health information systems and develop and strengthen health information strategies

WHO Regional Office for Europe.
Copenhague; WHO Regional Office for Europe; 2015. 94 p.
Monografia em Inglês | Repositório BVS | ID: biblio-859151
During its meeting of December 2013 the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee asked the WHO Regional Office for Europe to develop a practical support tool for Member States. This tool is intended to assist Member States in developing and improving their national health information systems through the development of a national health information strategy, in order to support them with implementation of Health 2020. It is based on existing tools developed by WHO's Health Metrics Network. Good health information supports public health policy-making: it helps Member States identify Health 2020 priority areas for action and evaluate the effects of Health 2020-related policies and interventions...(AU)
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