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A terminology in General Practice / Family Medicine to represent non-clinical aspects for various usages: the Q-Codes

Jamoulle , Marc; Grosjean, Julien; Resnick , Melissa; Ittoo, Ashwin; Treuherz , Arthur; Stichele, Robert Vander; Cardillo , Elena; Darmoni, Stéfan J; Shamenek , Frank S; Vanmeerbeek , Marc.
Manchester; s.n; 2017. 5 p.
Monografia em Inglês | Repositório BVS | ID: biblio-859327
The hereby proposed terminology called "Q-Codes" can be defined as an extension of the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC-2). It deals with non-clinical concepts that are relevant in General Practice/Family Medicine (GP/FM). This terminology is a good way to put an emphasis on underestimated topics such as Teaching, Patient issues or Ethics. It aims at indexing GP/FM documents such as congress abstracts and theses to get a more comprehensive view about the GP/FM domain. The 182 identified Q-Codes have been very precisely defined by a college of experts (physicians and terminologists) from twelve countries. The result is available on the Health Terminology/Ontology Portal ( and formatted in OWL-2 for further semantic considerations and will be used to index the 2016 WONCA World congress communications...(AU)
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