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[Transferring palliative-care patients from hospital to community care: A qualitative study]. / Transferencia de pacientes de cuidados paliativos desde el hospital hasta atención primaria: un estudio cualitativo.

Correa-Casado, Matías; Granero-Molina, José; Hernández-Padilla, José Manuel; Fernández-Sola, Cayetano.
Aten Primaria ; 49(6): 326-334, 2017.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27842728


To know the experience of case-manager nurses with regard to transferring palliative-care patients from the hospital to their homes.


Qualitative phenomenological study carried out in 2014-2015.


Poniente and Almería health districts, which referral hospitals are Poniente Hospital and Torrecárdenas Hospital, respectively.


A purposive sample comprised of 12 case-manager nurses was recruited from the aforementioned setting.


Theoretical data saturation was achieved after performing 7 in-depth individual interviews and 1 focus group. Data analysis was performed following Colaizzi's method.


Three themes emerged (1) 'Case-management nursing as a quality, patient-centred service' (2) 'Failures of the information systems', with the subthemes "patients" insufficient and inadequate previous information" and "ineffective between-levels communication channels for advanced nursing"; (3) 'Deficiencies in discharge planning', with the subthemes "deficient management of resources on admission", "uncertainty about discharge" and "insufficient human resources to coordinate the transfer".


Case-manager nurses consider themselves a good-quality service. However, they think there are issues with coordination, information and discharge planning of palliative patients from hospital. It would be useful to review the communication pathways of both care and discharge reports, so that resources needed by palliative patients are effectively managed at the point of being transferred home.
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