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Experimental classroom games: a didactic tool in palliative care. / Los juegos experimentales de aula: una herramienta didáctica en cuidados paliativos.

Alonso, Ana Isabel López; Martínez, Maria Elena Fernández; Presa, Cristina Liébana; Casares, Ana Maria Vázquez; González, Maria Paz Castro.
Rev Esc Enferm USP ; 52: e03310, 2018.
Artigo em Inglês, Espanhol | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29668790
Objective To evaluate the effect of a games-based intervention on palliative care nursing students' scores on the Collett-Lester Fear of Death Scale. The challenge was to innovate and integrate grief-related theory and experiences into the classroom. Method Quasi-experimental study. Before and after the games-based intervention, 101 and 111 students completed the questionnaires, respectively. The intervention was performed in the context of a palliative care class taught during the first semester of the third year of the nursing programme. Results The students obtained moderate mean scores on the variable fear of death (between 14 and 19) at both time points (pre- and post-intervention). Both men and women indicated a heightened sense of fear post-intervention and a decrease in self-perceived emotional preparedness, which support the value of the games for exposing the student to situations that closely approximated reality. Conclusion The use of games as a didactic tool in the classroom context helped the students recognize the fear generated by proximity to death in the patient and family and in the student him- or herself.
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