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[Extrapyramidal adverse reactions to metoclopramide. A pharmacovigilance survey]. / Farmacovigilancia activa de metoclopramida 10 mg oral en pacientes del Programa de Alivio del Dolor y Cuidados Paliativos o diabetes mellitus tipo 2 en cinco hospitales del Servicio de Salud Viña del Mar-Quillota.

Frez, Carla; Awad, Yusfeye; Sánchez, Nilda; Silva, Andrea; Mercado, Beatriz; Marcotti, Constanza; Arévalo, Patricia; Apablaza, Karina; Fernández, Paula; Pérez, Daysi.
Rev Med Chil ; 146(7): 876-884, 2018 Jul.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30534887


In 2013 the Chilean regulatory sanitary agency issued a warning concerning dose adjustment and use restriction to avoid severe adverse effects of metoclopramide such tardive dyskinesia.


To study dyskinesia type adverse effects in a population using metoclopramide. MATERIAL AND


A cross sectional observational study was conducted among patients pertaining to palliative care and diabetes mellitus programs and consuming 10 mg/day or more of metoclopramide. Patients were interrogated looking for extrapiramidal signs and symptoms using a questionnaire validated by two neurologists.


In 40% of diabetic patients with gastroparesia and 35% of palliative care patients, extrapyramidal adverse reactions to metoclopramide were suspected. Palliative Care patients suffered the largest number of adverse events. The period of use and individual doses of the drug were largely above Chilean regulatory agency recommendations in all cases.


A significant number of patients using metoclopramide could experience extrapyramidal adverse reactions.
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