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Prevalence of burnout among intensivists in mainland China: a nationwide cross-sectional survey.

Wang, Jing; Hu, Bo; Peng, Zhiyong; Song, Huimin; Cai, Shuhan; Rao, Xin; Li, Lu; Li, Jianguo.
Crit Care ; 25(1): 8, 2021 01 05.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33402210


Burnout has gained increasing attention worldwide; however, there is a lack of relevant research in China. This study investigated the prevalence and factors associated with burnout in physicians of the intensive care unit (ICU) in mainland China.


This cross-sectional multicenter study included critical care physicians from all provinces in mainland China (except Tibet). A self-administered survey questionnaire was conducted. It included three parts demographic information, lifestyle and work information, and the Maslach Burnout Inventory. The levels of burnout were calculated. The factors independently associated with burnout were analyzed by logistic regression.


Finally, 1813 intensivists participated in the survey. The participation rate was 90.7%. The prevalence of burnout and severe burnout was 82.1% (1489/1813) and 38.8% (704/1813), respectively. According to the logistic regression analysis, "difficulty in making treatment decisions" was independently associated with burnout [OR = 1.365, CI (1.060, 1.757)]. "Higher number of children" [OR = 0.714, CI (0.519, 0.981)] and higher "income satisfaction" [OR = 0.771, CI (0.619, 0.959)] were independent protective factors against severe burnout.


The burnout rate in ICU physicians in China is high. Difficult treatment decisions, the number of children, and income satisfaction are independently associated with burnout rates among ICU physicians in China. TRIAL REGISTRATION Burnout syndrome of the Chinese personnel working in intensive care units a survey in China, ChiCTR-EOC-17013044, registered October 19, 2017. http// .
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