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PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centres Regional Webinar. Engaging Our Partners to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Together, 19–20 April 2021

Pan American Health Organization
| Idioma(s): Inglés
The Region of the Americas has benefited from the support of collaborating centres (CCs) of the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1950. Since then, CCs have supported the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in several technical areas, such as nursing, communicable diseases, health promotion, information systems for health, mental health, emergency response, and many others. PAHO has worked to ensure that CC work plans are aligned with the regional priorities and mandates agreed upon by its Member States. This alignment ensures high-quality support from CCs to improve the technical cooperation provided by PAHO to the Member States. In addition, it assures that this collaborative work is linked to the Organization’s response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In April 2021, PAHO convened all 183 CCs located in the Region for a webinar with the overall goal of recognizing the importance of CCs in achieving the SDGs. It also aimed to showcase the importance of international cooperation during challenging times, as experienced with COVID-19. The webinar was a starting point for PAHO to reengage with CCs. It included the participation of Executive Management, department directors, PAHO/WHO Representatives, and key PAHO personnel. This report provides an overview of the panel discussions and key recommendations made by participants to improve the technical relationships between PAHO and CCs. Addressing the recommendations stemming from this webinar and the previous evaluations will prove to be an important building block toward advancing the CC mechanism and PAHO technical cooperation.
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