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Nutrition in the management of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Thuita, F M; Mirie, W.
East Afr Med J ; 76(9): 507-9, 1999 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-10685321


To highlight the influence of nutrition on the progress of HIV/AIDS and the role and importance of good nutrition in the management of the disease.STUDY SELECTION: The subject was selected because it is now recognised that nutritional care and support is an essential component of the health care plan and management for people with HIV/AIDS. The subject is especially relevant since few studies have been conducted locally on the effects of nutritional status on the progression of HIV/AIDS. DATA RESOURCES AND DATA SYNTHESIS: A review of current literature selected from local and international scientific journals and books on the subject of nutrition and HIV/AIDS.


Data were developed from the reviewed information extracted from the contribution of different authors who are interested in nutritional management of people with HIV/AIDS. It was then analysed and synthesised into the current article.


On the basis of the reviewed information, it is recommended that individuals with HIV/AIDS be given nutrition counselling and support to enable them achieve an adequate nutrient and energy intake for as long as possible. This would enhance the quality of their lives and minimise disease symptoms.