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Critical Appraisal of the Milwaukee Protocol for Rabies: This Failed Approach Should Be Abandoned.

Zeiler, Frederick A; Jackson, Alan C.
Can J Neurol Sci ; 43(1): 44-51, 2016 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26639059
The Milwaukee protocol has been attributed to survival in rabies encephalitis despite a lack of scientific evidence supporting its therapeutic measures. We have reviewed the literature with reference to specific treatment recommendations made within the protocol. Current literature fails to support an important role for excitotoxicity and cerebral vasospasm in rabies encephalitis. Therapies suggested in the Milwaukee protocol include therapeutic coma, ketamine infusion, amantadine, and the screening/prophylaxis/management of cerebral vasospasm. None of these therapies can be substantiated in rabies or other forms of acute viral encephalitis. Serious concerns over the current protocol recommendations are warranted. The recommendations made by the Milwaukee protocol warrant serious reconsideration before any future use of this failed protocol.