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The safety and immunogenicity of Quadrivalent HPV (qHPV) vaccine in systemic lupus erythematosus.

Dhar, J Patricia; Essenmacher, Lynnette; Dhar, Renee; Magee, Ardella; Ager, Joel; Sokol, Robert J.
Vaccine ; 35(20): 2642-2646, 2017 05 09.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28404357


This study evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of qHPV vaccine in SLE.


Subjects: 34 women ages 19-50years (yrs.) with mild to moderate SLE & minimally active or inactive SLE received qHPV vaccine at the standard dosing schedule.EXCLUSION CRITERIA: active SLE disease (SELENA-SLEDAI>2), history of severe SLE disease, deep venous thrombosis, on >400mg/day of hydroxychloroquine, on >15mg/day of prednisone, or active infections. Patients were monitored for adverse events (AE), SLE flare, generation of thrombogenic antibodies and thrombosis. Antibody (Ab) levels to HPV 6, 11, 16 & 18 were measured by HPV competitive Luminex Immunoassay and Geometric Mean Titers (GMTs) were calculated for each HPV type. Seroconversion was assessed for those seronegative at baseline.


The women in the study: African-American (79%), mean age=38.1years, mean age at diagnosis of SLE=28.6years, 35.3% had a history of smoking, 91% had 4 or more sexual partners, 50% had a history of sexually transmitted diseases, and 27.3% used condoms on a regular basis. Vaccine site reactions (VSRs) occurred in 62%, all mild. Ninety-seven percent experienced at least 1 non vaccine adverse event (nvAE) with a total of 493 nvAEs in 33 patients, of which 90% were mild and none were related to vaccine or SLE. There were 9 serious AEs, none were related to vaccine or SLE, all resolved. No patient experienced an SLE flare, thrombosis, or generation of thrombogenic antibodies. Seroconversion rate was 100% with mean GMTs comparable to Gardasil® package insert data.


In this SLE vaccine study, qHPV vaccine was generally safe, well tolerated, and highly immunogenic. This clinical trial is registered on Clinical under number, NCT01741012 and was conducted under the FDA IND BB14113.