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Selective Persistence of HPV Cross-Neutralising Antibodies following Reduced-Dose HPV Vaccine Schedules.

Toh, Zheng Quan; Kosasih, Jennie; Russell, Fiona M; Reyburn, Rita; Fong, James; Tuivaga, Evelyn; Ratu, Felisita T; Nguyen, Cattram D; Matanitobua, Silivia; Do, Lien Anh Ha; Menheniott, Trevelyan; Frazer, Ian H; Garland, Suzanne M; Mulholland, Edward Kim; Licciardi, Paul V.
Vaccines (Basel) ; 7(4)2019 Nov 28.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31795211
The duration of cross-neutralising antibody responses (cross-NAb) following HPV immunisation is unknown. We compared cross-NAb responses in cohort of girls who were either unimmunised or had received immunisation with one, two or three doses of 4vHPV (Gardasil®,Merck Inc.) six years earlier, before and one month after a booster dose of 2vHPV (Cervarix®, GSK). NAb to potentially cross-reactive HPV genotypes 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58 were measured using a HPV pseudovirion-based neutralisation assay. Girls who had previously received at least one dose of 4vHPV had significantly higher NAb titres for HPV31 when compared with unimmunised girls, whereas no difference in NAb titre was observed for four other genotypes (33, 45, 52 and 58). Following a single further immunisation with 2vHPV, NAb titres to each of the five tested HPV genotypes were comparable for girls who previously received one, two or three doses of 4vHPV, and were significantly higher than for previously unimmunised girls. Immunisation with one, two or three doses of 4vHPV induced NAb to HPV31 that persisted for six years, but there was no persistence of NAb to HPV33, 45, 52 or 58. Our results suggest that one or two doses of 4vHPV may provide long-term protection against HPV31.