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Association of haplotypes of the TLR8 locus with susceptibility to Crohn's and Behçet's diseases.

Clin Exp Rheumatol; 33(6 Suppl 94): S117-22, 2015 Nov-Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26486764


The aim of this study was to investigate the role of the TLR8, a mediator of innate inflammatory response, in susceptibility to two immune-mediated disorders characterised by dysregulation of the immune response, Crohn's and Behçet's diseases (CD and BD).


A total of 844 CD, 371 BD patients and 1385 controls were genotyped in 8 tag single nucleotide polymorphisms (tSNPs) in the locus TLR8 (chromosome X). All these tSNPs have a minor allele frequency greater than 0.05 in the Caucasian population.


The rs2407992 and the rs5744067 were associated with susceptibility to BD and CD, respectively (OR=1.34, 95%CI=1.10-1.62, p=0.0025 and OR=0.82, 95%CI=0.68-0.99, p=0.045, respectively). Although after stratification by gender, statistically significant differences in the distribution of the aforementioned SNPs were only observed in the females groups (BD OR=1.31, 95%CI=1.06-1.64, p=0.012 and CD OR=0.84, 95%CI=0.72-0.98, p=0.044) the trend was similar among males. Since the rs5744067 and rs2407992 are located in the same linkage disequilibrium block, we performed a haplotypic analysis by combination of the tSNPs. One haplotype (H1) was identified as a protective factor in BD (OR=0.75, 95%CI=0.62-0.90, p=0.0027) and another (H2) as a protective factor in CD (OR=0.78, 95%CI=0.64-094, p=0.0102). No statistically significant differences in the mean of the levels of expression attributable to the haplotype variants were found in the in silico analysis performed.


Our results suggest a relationship between the TLR8 and the susceptibility to CD and BD. Nevertheless, these differences could not be imputed to the levels of expression.