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cAMP/PKA signalling pathway regulates redox homeostasis essential for Sporisorium scitamineum mating/filamentation and virulence.

Environ Microbiol; 21(3): 959-971, 2019 Mar.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30537399
The fungal pathogen Sporisorium scitamineum causes sugarcane smut disease. The formation and growth of dikaryotic hypha after sexual mating is critical for S. scitamineum pathogenicity, however regulation of S. scitimineum mating has not been studied in detail. We identified and characterized the core components of the conserved cAMP/PKA pathway in S. scitamineum by reverse genetics. Our results showed that cAMP/PKA signalling pathway is essential for proper mating and filamentation, and thus critical for S. scitamineum virulence. We further demonstrated that an elevated intracellular ROS (reactive oxygen species) level promotes S. scitamineum mating-filamentation, via transcriptional regulation of ROS catabolic enzymes, and is under regulation of the cAMP/PKA signalling pathway. Furthermore, we found that fungal cAMP/PKA signalling pathway is also involved in regulation of host ROS response. Overall, our work displayed a positive role of elevated intracellular ROS in fungal differentiation and virulence.