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MicroRNA­744 inhibits migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by targeting SOX12.

Oncol Rep; 40(6): 3585-3592, 2018 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30542724
MicroRNA­744 (miR­744) reportedly plays an oncogenic or tumor­suppressive role in different human malignancies. Although a previous study demonstrated that miR­744 significantly inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) proliferation in vitro, the role of miR­744 in the migration and invasion of HCC cells remains largely unknown. The present study investigated the significance of miR­744 in HCC tissues and cell lines and evaluated its role and underlying mechanism of action in HCC cells. miR­744 expression was detected in HCC tissues and cell lines by reverse transcription­quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT­qPCR). The effect of miR­744 on cell proliferation, migration and invasion was determined using Cell Counting Kit­8, wound­healing and Matrigel invasion assays, respectively. Targeting gene of miR­744 in HCC cells was determined by luciferase reporter assay, RT­qPCR and western blotting. It was revealed that miR­744 was poorly expressed in HCC tissues compared with adjacent normal tissues (P<0.05), and that decreased miR­744 levels were significantly associated with the tumor node metastasis stage and lymph node metastasis. Additionally, restoration of miR­744 in HCC cells significantly suppressed their proliferation, migration, and invasion. Furthermore, sex determining region Y­box 12 (SOX12) was identified as a functional target of miR­744 in HCC cells, and its expression was demonstrated to be upregulated in HCC tissues and inversely correlated with the expression of miR­744. Notably, overexpression of SOX12 antagonized the suppressive effect of miR­744 on HCC cell migration and invasion. These findings suggested that miR­744 inhibited migration and invasion by targeting SOX12, and that it may represent a therapeutic target for the treatment of metastatic HCC.