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Chimeric peptide engineered exosomes for dual-stage light guided plasma membrane and nucleus targeted photodynamic therapy.

Biomaterials; 211: 14-24, 2019 Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31078049
Targeted delivery of the drug to its therapeutically active site with low immunogenicity and system toxicity is critical for optimal tumor therapy. In this paper, exosomes as naturally-derived nano-sized membrane vesicles are engineered by chimeric peptide for plasma membrane and nucleus targeted photosensitizer delivery and synergistic photodynamic therapy (PDT). Importantly, a dual-stage light strategy is adopted for precise PDT by selectively and sequentially destroying the plasma membrane and nucleus of tumor cells. Briefly, plasma membrane-targeted PDT of chimeric peptide engineered exosomes (ChiP-Exo) could directly disrupt the membrane integrity and cause cell death to some extent. More interestingly, the photochemical internalization (PCI) and lysosomal escape triggered by the first-stage light significantly improve the cytosolic delivery of ChiP-Exo, which could enhance its nuclear delivery due to the presence of nuclear localization signals (NLS) peptide. Upon the second-stage light irradiation, the intranuclear ChiP-Exo would activate reactive oxygen species (ROS) in situ to disrupt nuclei for robust and synergistic PDT. Based on exosomes, this dual-stage light guided subcellular dual-targeted PDT strategy exhibits a greatly enhanced therapeutic effect on the inhibition of tumor growth with minimized system toxicity, which also provides a new insight for the development of individualized biomedicine for precise tumor therapy.