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A difícil travessia de uma adolescente

Menezes Santana, Maria Stela.
Psicanálise em revista; 8(2): 7-12, 2010.
Artículo en Portugués | Bivipsil | ID: psa-5013
From fragments of the analysis of an adolescent girl, the author makes comments on the
meaning of acting as a reaction to the violation of the space-temporal and corporal limits. In her
analysis, she highlights the importance of the creation of an own psychic space for the patient in
question. Using Bion as reference, she considers as a prerequisite the fact that the analyst dreams what
the patient had not been able to dream, in order to open herself to alfa-dream-work



Descriptores locales

Sociedade Psicanalítica do Recife; SPR; ADOLESCENCIA; BION; ATUAÇÃO; PSIQUISMO.
Biblioteca responsable: UY116.1