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A new species of Pelidnota MacLeay (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Rutelinae, Rutelini) from Southeast Brazil

Ferreira, André; Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando; Bravo, Freddy.
Pap. avulsos zool; 61: e20216139, 2021. graf
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS-Express | ID: biblio-1287447


Abstract Pelidnota MacLeay, 1819 is one of the most diverse genus in Rutelina (Rutelini) and, even after broad and recent revisions, fieldwork has revealed a diversity of species yet to be known to science. Here, we describe Pelidnota silveiranetoi sp. nov. with illustrations and a map for the type locality, as well as its inclusion in a previously published identification key for the Pelidnota species. The new species is diagnosable by its color pattern (body with metallic green reflections, except on the elytra, which lack black spots), mouthpart features (galea bearing three teeth and the anterior part of the labium with an excavated surface, straight proximal margin, and the posterior part with a rounded lateral margin), and parameres (concave distal margin gradually acute and slightly divergent at the apex; straight lateral margin that is slightly sinuous at the middle; slightly corrugated proximal margin).
Biblioteca responsável: BR1.1