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Analgesia pós-operatória com Fentanil transdérmico ou Metadona intramuscular em cães submetidos à hemilaminectomia toracolombar / Postoperative analgesia with transdermal Fentanyl or intramuscular Methadone in dogs submitted to thoracolumbar hemilaminectomy

Herculano, Licia Flávia Silva; Ripplinger, Angel; Ferrarin, Dênis Antônio; Schwab, Marcelo Luis; Wrzesinski, Mathias Reginatto; Rauber, Júlia da Silva; Vaccarin, Charline Vanessa; Dal Pozzolo, Amanda Azevedo; Mazzanti, Alexandre.
Acta sci. vet. (Impr.); 50: Pub.1861-2022. graf
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: biblio-1458536


Background: Postoperative care after thoracolumbar hemilaminectomy in dogs generally includes rest, physical therapy,and analgesics such as opioids. Currently, there is no established standard for the management of postoperative pain inpatients undergoing hemilaminectomy. Ideally, an analgesic protocol should provide adequate pain relief with limited sedation, low adverse effects, and postoperative patient comfort. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate postoperative analgesiausing transdermal fentanyl or intramuscular methadone in dogs undergoing thoracolumbar hemilaminectomy associatedwith intervertebral disc fenestration (HT) for the treatment of intervertebral disc extrusion (IVDE).Materials, Methods & Results: Eight dogs from the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery of a Veterinary TeachingHospital, submitted to HT for the treatment of IVDE, were included. The dogs were randomly distributed into 2 groups ofequal numbers, namely the transdermal fentanyl (FT) group and the intramuscular methadone (IM) group. At the end ofthe surgical procedure, a fentanyl adhesive patch was applied to the animals in the FT group, which remained there for 72h. In the IM group, analgesia was induced by intramuscular administration of methadone at intervals of 6 h until 72 h aftersurgery. The animals were evaluated using the short form of the Glasgow Composite Measure Pains Scale (CMPS-SF).Evaluations of physiological parameters, side effects, and pain were performed by 2 assessors who had experience usingthe pain scale and were blinded to the analgesic protocol. Pain evaluations were performed every 2 h (from T4) until 24h after the surgical procedure. Evaluations were performed every 4 h from 24 h to 48 h after the surgical procedure and...
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1