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Utilizing the house fly (Musca domestica) larva as an alternative to soybean meal in broiler ration during the starter phase

Khan, M; Chand, N; Khan, S; Khan, R. U; Sultan, A.
R. bras. Ci. avíc.; 20(1): 9-14, jan.-mar. 2018. tab
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-19041


A total of 120 one-day-old broiler chicks (Ross 308) were randomly assigned to 12 pens of 10 birds in a completely randomized design (CRD). In four experimental diets, soya bean meal was replaced with a maggot meal at the rate of 0, 40, 50 and 60% designated as group A, B, C and D respectively. Body weight was significantly higher (p<0.05), whereas feed intake and feed conversion ratio (FCR) were significantly lower in group D than group A and B. Dressing percentage and apparent metabolizable energy were significantly (p<0.05) higher in group D than group A, B and C. Digestibility of dry matter, crude protein, ether extract and ash were significantly (p<0.05) higher, and crude fiber was significantly (p<0.05) lower in group D than group A. It was concluded that 60% soybean meal could be safely replaced by a maggot meal in broiler ration during the starter phase.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1