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Morphological modifications of the ovary in "Bos indicus, during the sexual cycle / Modificações morfológicas do ovário de "Bos indicus" durante o ciclio estral

de Gracia Pinto, Abelardo; Guimarães Ferri, Antonio; de Fatis Tabarelli Neto, José.
Braz. j. vet. res. anim. sci; 6(1): 53-74, 1957.
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX-Express | ID: vti-727534


Observations about the anatomic and histophysiologic modifications o f the ovary in 18 Brahma cattle animals, have been carried out. Five of these animals were between 9 to 14 months old, that is, not in puberty age; six were between 22 to 31 months old, but had never calved, and seven were between 60 to 120 months old and had calved several times. All the adult  animals were sacrificed during a distinct phase of the sexual cycle. In this work, almost every modification observed agreed with that ones already described in the European cattle. As a matter of fact the authors have find the following: 1) Graafian follicles with hyperplasia of the theca interna. This fact could, probably be related with the secretion of progesterona by those cellular elements; 2) That the eosinophiles invade the cells of both layers of the theca, as also the granulosa cells, when the corpus luteum begins its development; 3) As already have been described in other species of animals, hyperplasia and hyperthophy of both thecal and granulosa cells is observed, still during the time that the corpus luteum starts its development.
O artigo apresenta resumo em inglês.
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1