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Chinese Journal of Endocrine Surgery ; (6): 409-413,418, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-695593


Objective To evaluate the clinical effects of the laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) on patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).Methods From Dec.2013 to Dec.2015,83 cases with T2DM received LRYGB were enrolled to this study.They were divided into low body mass index group (LBMI,25≤BMI<28),intermediate body mass index group (IBMI,28≤BMI<32) and high body mass index group (HBMI,BMI≥33).Meanwhile,the clinical effects and side-effects were evaluated among three groups.The factors of adverse effects were evaluated by Cox multivariate analysis.Results Only one patient in HBMI was conversed to open surgery,all the others received LRYGB.The surgery time,intraoperative blood loss and complica tion were positively related to BMI,and the difference was statistically significant between the 3 groups(P<0.05).The main side-effect of LRYGB was gastrointestinal reaction.The level of fasting blood-glucose,postprandial 2 hours blood sugar,HbA1c and cholesterol total in three groups were lower than baseline (P<0.05),however,there was no significant difference among the three groups (P>0.05).The rate of clinical effects in three groups was 89.5%,89.3% and 91.7%.There was no significant difference among the three groups(P>0.05);In Cox multivariate analysis,cholesterol total and BMI were independent prognostic indicator for LRGB adverse.Conclusions LRYGB is a safe and effective method for patients with T2DM,which can effectively improve glucose and lipid metabolism.The increased BMI can increase the incidence of LRYGB complications.Total cholesterol is an independent prognostic indicator for the adverse of LRYGB.

Chinese Journal of Biochemical Pharmaceutics ; (6): 222-223,225, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-621544


Objective To investigate the clinical effect of combined treatment of children with hand foot and mouth disease Yanhuning combined with interferon, psychological intervention. Methods 80 children with HFMD in our hospital from January 2015 to March 2017 were selected,and according to the different treatment and nursing intervention divided into observation group and control group,40 cases in each groups. control group with routine nursing intervention in the observation group, interferon, interferon ,psychological nursing intervention mode of Yanhuning; the two groups of children with mental state improvement of clinical symptom, clinical resolution the treatment time and total efficiency, and the relevant data for comparative analysis. Results The psychological nursing mode of interferon Yanhuning (observation group) the clinical effect is better than that of interferon plus routine nursing intervention in children with hand foot and mouth disease (control group) the clinical effect of intervention, the psychological state of patients better than the control group, the clinical symptoms disappeared time was shorter than the control group, the total efficiency of treatment was higher than the control group, there was statistical significance the difference (P<0.05). Conclusion Children with HFMD selection effect of interferon psychological nursing intervention model of Yanhuning significantly, can effectively improve the clinical symptoms in children with mental state, fades in a short time, it is worthy of widely used intervention in children with hfmd.

Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion ; (12): 181-184, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-247752


<p><b>OBJECTIVE</b>To observe the efficacy and explore the effect mechanism on visual display terminal syndrome treated withtherapy ofmedicine.</p><p><b>METHODS</b>Sixty-five patients of visual fatigue induced by the visual display terminal operation were treated withtrigeminy therapy ofmedicine, e.g. massage manipulation, acupuncture and cupping; acting on the specific stimulating areas inmedicine, relevant with orbit, temple, forehead, ear and Baihui (GV 20). Each treatment lasted 40 min, once every two or three days. Totally, 10 to 14 treatments were required. The scores of visual symptoms and the ocular hemodynamics before and after treatment were observed, and clinical effect were evaluated in the two groups.</p><p><b>RESULTS</b>After treatment, the scores of visual symptoms were reduced apparently as compared with those before treatment (all<0.05). The total effective rate was 84.6% (55/65). The peak systolic velocity (PSV), the end diastolic velocity (EDV) in anterior ciliary artery (ACA) and the central retinal artery (CRA) were improved obviously, indicating the significant differences before and after treatment (all<0.05).</p><p><b>CONCLUSIONS</b>Thetherapy ofmedicine alleviates the visual symptoms in patients of visual fatigue and improves visual quality. The effects are related to the improvement of ocular microcirculation.</p>

Chinese Journal of Primary Medicine and Pharmacy ; (12): 1642-1644,后插2, 2012.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-598039


Objective To evaluate the efficacy and safety of paclitaxel plus cisplatin combination in treatment patients with advanced or metastatic squamous-cell carcinoma of the esophagus(ESCC).Methods Twenty-five patients with advanced or metastatic ESCC received paclitaxel 175mg/m2 by 3-hour infusion on day 1 and cisplatin 25mg/m2 by infusion on day 1 ~ 3.3 weeks as one cycle.Results Twenty-four patients were eligible to be evaluated the efficacy and safety.The overall response rate was 45.8% with complete and partial response rates of 4.1% and 41.7%,respectively.The median survival time of all patients was 11 months(95% CI:8.35 ~ 13.65 months).There was significant difference in the median overall survival between the patients who had showed response versus those who had not(P =0.022).Median survival was 12.5 months(95% CI:9.11 ~ 15.90 months) and 8 months(95%CI:5.50 -9.50 months),respectively.The 1-year survival probability was 37.3%.The most common toxicities were leukopenia,neutropenia,thrombocytopenia and alopecia.Conclusion The effect of paclitaxel and cisplatin which seems beneficial as first-line therapy in advanced squamous-cell carcinoma of the esophagus had a high effective rate with acceptable toxicity.

Cancer Research and Clinic ; (6)2001.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-543008


Objective To evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of the protocol of FOLFOX4 for advanced colorectal cancer. Methods 27 patients received FOLFOX4oxaliplatin 85 mg/m2 as a 2-hour infusion on day 1 and a 2-hour infusion of LV (200 mg?m-2?d-1) followed by a 5-Fu bolus (400 mg?m-2?d-1) and 22-hour infusion (600 mg?m-2?d-1) for 2 consecutive days every 2 weeks. Four courses were carried out with an interval of one month. Results The total effective rate was 44.44 %, CR(3.70 %), PR(40.74 %). Median survival of all patients was 10.0 months. Mean Survival was 11.5 months. One year survival rate was 30.02 %. Median duration of 12 effective patients were 5.3 months. Median survival of effective patients and non-effective was 11.8 and 8.5 months respectively(P