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Chinese Journal of Practical Nursing ; (36): 486-491, 2023.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-990207


Objective:To investigate the current situation of body image and stigma of drug-resistant tuberculosis patients treated with Clofazimine, and analyze the correlation between them.Methods:A cross-sectional study was conducted using convenience sampling method to investigate 150 patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis treated with Clofazimine in tuberculosis ward of Chengdu Public Health Clinical Medical Center from October 2020 to October 2021. The general questionnaire, Body Image Scale (BIS) and Tuberculosis Related Stigma Scale were used to conduct a questionnaire survey.Results:A total of 130 questionnaires were effectively collected. The body image score of 130 patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis treated with Clofazimine was (20.51 ± 6.80) points; the score of stigma was (17.78 ± 6.92) points. There was a positive correlation between the total score of disease shame and the total score of body image ( r=0.544, P<0.05). Conclusions:Patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis treated with Clofazimine have body image disorder and stigma, and the two are positively correlated. Caregivers should carry out psychological assessment and intervention at an early stage to improve the patient′s mental health level.

Chinese Journal of General Practitioners ; (6): 67-72, 2021.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-885333


Objective:To survey the first-aid ability of general practitioners (GPs) and the emergency service capacity of primary health institutions in southern Zhejiang province.Methods:The questionnaire of first-aid ability of GPs in primary care institution was developed on the basis of the Delphi method during August to October 2018. The questionnaire was employed in a survey on the first-aid ability among 480 GPs from 169 community health service centers of three regions in southern Zhejiang province. The survey covered basic information and first-aid skills and emergency response ability of GPs, and the emergency facilities of primary health institutions.Results:A total of 480 questionnaires were distributed and 447 were retrieved with an recovery rate of 93. 1%(447/480). Among the 447 responders, 55.9% (250/447) were males, 70.9% (317/447) had bachelor′s degree or above, and 60.2% (269/447) had middle and senior professional titles. There were 99.6% (445/447), 86.6% (387/447), 76.1% (340/447) and 69.8% (312/447) responders considered cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR), electrical defibrillation, respiratory balloon and endotracheal intubation as important first-aid skills, and corresponding mastery rates were 84.3% (377/447), 32.0% (143/447), 55.2% (247/447) and 12.9% (58/447), respectively. The 92.4% (413/447) responders thought that the rescue ability of common emergency and critical illness was the most important, while only 32.4% (145/447) responders mastered it. Least responders [41.4%(185/447)] thought that ability of using bedside ultrasound was important, and the corresponding mastery rate was only 3.8%(17/447); 77.4%(346/447) of general practitioners believed that CPR machines was important, while the available rate of CPR machines in primary health care institutions was only 16.0%(27/169).Conclusion:The GPs in southern Zhejiang province have a good grasp of cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills, but have a low mastery rate of first-aid skills such as electrical defibrillation, tracheal intubation, and emergency rescue capabilities, which are quite different from their perceived importance evaluation.

Chinese Journal of Primary Medicine and Pharmacy ; (12): 2928-2930,2931, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-602555


Objective To investigate the effect of shenfu injection on immune function in severe trauma patients.Methods 60 severe trauma patients were divided into the control group (n =30)and shefu group (n =30) by random number table.Other 30 cases were chosen as the health control group at the same phase.All patients were received conventional treatments,however,patients of the shenfu group were additionally received the shenfu injection treatment in the early stage.The CD +3 ,CD +4 ,CD +8 cell,human leukocyte antigen (HLA -DR),interleukin -1(IL -1),interleukin -6(IL -6)were detected on 3rd and 7th day by double -antibody sandwich enzyme -linked immu-nosorbent assay (ELISA).Results Compared to the health control group,the IL -1,IL -6 in the control and shenfu group were significantly higher than the health control group(f=7.128,q =9.212,10.112,all P <0.05).The IL -1and IL -6 in the control and shenfu group were significantly increased on 3rd day (t =11.126,10.013,all P <0.05)and decreased on 7th day(t =17.121,14.213,all P <0.05).The IL -1 and IL -6 in shenfu group were sig-nificantly lower than that of the control group(χ2 =4.113,10.117,all P <0.05).The CD +3 ,CD +4 ,CD +8 ,HLA -DR and CD +3 /CD +8 rate in the control and shenfu group were significantly lower than the health control group(f=11.071, q =10.229,12.032,all P <0.05).On 3rd day,the CD +3 ,CD +4 ,CD +8 ,HLA -DR and CD +3 /CD +8 rate in shenfu group were significantly increased(t =10.013,P <0.05).On 7th day,CD +3 ,CD +4 ,CD +8 ,HLA -DR and CD +3 /CD +8 rate in the control and shenfu group were both increased(t =11.126,15.932,all P <0.05).And the CD +3 ,CD +4 ,CD +8 ,HLA -DR and CD +3 /CD +8 rate in shenfu group were significantly higher than the control group(χ2 =3.771,P <0.05).Conclusion Shenfu injection can regulate immune function in severe trauma and improve clinical treatment.

Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine ; (12): 1127-1129, 2012.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-428040


Objective To investigate the effection of Shenfu Injection (Ginseng-radix aconitum Injection)to the blood coagulation system and its prognosis in the patient of multiple trauma complicated with shock.Methods We prospectively studied 90 patients of multiple trauma complicated with shock,who came from the emergency center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Medicine' s college of Zhe-Jiang University and emergency department of Lishui People' s Hospital from February 2007 to December 2011,and excluded those suffered with the dysfunction of coagulation system and uncontrolled ongoing bleeding before trauma.And then these eligible patients were randomly divided into two groups:treatment group ( 45 cases ) and control group (45 cases),the control group were received the routine treatment,the treatment group were received Shenfu Injection in early stage based on the routine treatment.The two groups were measured the platelet count (PLT),prothrombin time (PT),activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT),thrombin time (TT),fibrinogen (FIB) before treatment and 3,7 days after treatment.Results The differences of the PLT,PT,APTT,TT,FIB between the treatment group and control group at 3,7 d after the treatment was statistically significant (P < 0.05 ). Conclusions Shenfu Injection has positive regulation to the coagulation system in the patient of multiple trauma complicated with shock.