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Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery ; : 261-263, 1996.
Article in Japanese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-366232


We treated a patient with recurrent isolated tricuspid regurgitation (TR) by repeated tricuspid valvoplasty (TVP) and tricuspid annuloplasty (TAP). The patient was a 56-year-old man who had undergone TVP eight years previously. Although the tricuspid annular dilatation was not seen in the first operation, the annular dilatation with elongation of chordae was apparent at this time. The chordal plasty with ePTFE threads and TAP with Carpentier-Edward's ring were carried out successfully. Since the annular dilatation may aggravate TR in the natural course of this disease, the combination of TVP and TAP is more effective than TVP alone.

Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery ; : 307-313, 1994.
Article in Japanese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-366060


Various types of surgical techniques have been reported for the closure of complicated PDA, since Morrow first described an innovatory operative method. At our institute, extracorporeal circulation has been frequently used as a support measure for these operations to ensure the safety of the operation. Ten patients with complicated PDA were operated under extracorporeal circulation. All patients but one were adults. The reason for use of extracorporeal circulation included age, presence of atherosclerosis or calcification of the ductus, short neck ductus, ductal aneurysms, right sided descending aorta and recanalization after previous ligation. The ductus was approached through the left lateral thoracotomy in 8 patients and median sternotomy in 2. The Morrow procedure was performed in 2 patients. No hospital death occurred, although the mean duration of the hospital stay after the operation was longer in these cases than in cases with simple PDA. We conclude that the use of extracorporeal circulation is safe and effective for the closure of complicated PDA.

Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery ; : 501-504, 1993.
Article in Japanese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-365995


The patient was a 56-year-old male with an 8-year history of Behcet's syndrome, who presented with chest pain. A saccular aneurysm (4×4cm) of the descending aorta was disclosed by X-ray and CT. Impending rupture of the aneurysm was suspected and emergency surgery was performed under cardiopulmonary bypass. The aneurysm consisted of a large thrombus, and a punched-out lesion on the aorta (φ10mm) was found beneath the thrombus. Closure with a Dacron patch was carried out successfully. Pathologic examination revealed the patient to have vasculo-Behcet's syndrome. Generally this desease has a poor prognosis, especially if an aneurysm is present, since sudden rupture can occur. Thus, prompt surgical treatment of the aneurysm should be considered. The patient was free of recurrence at the time of writing this report.

Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery ; : 849-853, 1990.
Article in Japanese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-365038


Eighty-three patients with valular heart diseases underwent exercise stress tests with bicycle ergometer and their exercise performances were evaluated by means of the workload they achieved. Twenty eight of them were waiting for surgical therapy at the time of study and 55 were outpatients who had undertaken valvular surgery. They were from 13 to 68 years old (mean 49.3 years). Fifty three patients were male and 30 were female. Thirty six of them were in the state of NYHA functional classification class 1, 35 class 2 and 12 class 3. Workloads and oxygen uptake were measured at anaerobic threshold (AT) and maximal achieved workload (MAX). Measured values of workloads were assessed by the percent attainments of predicted normal values for age, sex, height and weight from the equation which were calculated from the data of 213 sedentary normal Japanese adults. Oxygen uptake was also assessed by the percent attainment of predicted normal value from Posner's equation. Woakloads and oxygen uptake were corelated significantly (<i>p</i><0.01) both at AT and MAX. Workloads differed significantly between the NYHA classes not only at AT but also at MAX (<i>p</i><0.01, <i>p</i><0.01). Ten patients were reassessed more than six months after the operation and revealed significant increases in workload. The differences were more prominent at MAX than at AT.

Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery ; : 21-24, 1989.
Article in Japanese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-364688


A Successful surgical repair of a ruptured ventricular septum concomitant with a left ventricular free wall rupture secondary to myocardial infarction was performed on a 81-year-old woman. Anterior myocardial infarction was accompanied with a ventricular septal rupture, 7mm in size, and hemorrhagic dissection type left ventricular free wall rupture. Acute ventricular aneurysm formation of the left ventricle was also noticed. A review of the literature reveals that in surgical cases, the hemorrhagic dissection type ventricular rupture in left ventricle was usually concomitant with ventricular septal rupture.