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Chinese Journal of Medical Instrumentation ; (6): 220-222, 2019.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-772522


OBJECTIVE@#Aiming at the different characteristics of the various stages of medical equipment life cycle in hospital, research on the targeted and meticulous management mode.@*METHODS@#Divides the whole life cycle of medical equipment in hospital into four phases, which are the selection demonstration period, purchase acceptance period, maintenance period, and retirement disposal period, and comparison with human fetal period, infant stage, adult stage and old age.@*RESULTS@#With the meticulous management mode, the service quality of medical equipment in hospital has been improved, and the service benefits have been enhanced.@*CONCLUSIONS@#According to the respective characteristics of different stages, the corresponding meticulous management mode is implemented to make the management more scientific and standardized, and the operation is safer and more reliable, which escorts the whole life cycle of medical equipment in hospital.

Humans , Equipment and Supplies, Hospital , Hospitals , Maintenance , Materials Management, Hospital
Chinese Health Economics ; (12): 81-84, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-703503


The operation management of hospitals faced huge challenge in the situation of new medical reform,but integration of business and finance transformed this challenge into opportunity.It was a new direction of financial management development in hospitals in the future.After analyzing the necessity of utilization of integrating business and finance in hospitals,it revealed some problems encountered by hospitals in the practice.To deal with these problems,it combined working experience with using management accounting tools,and then explored an important path to promote integrating business with finance,respectively,from finance department and business department.It drew the flow chart of integrated operations management system in hospitals,and provided guidance for the industry to integrate business and finance to achieve meticulous management.The establishment of financial management system that was integrated with business in hospitals could improve the operation efficiency of hospitals,form meticulous management mode,realize the goal of value management of hospitals,and promote the long-term and steady development of hospitals.

Chinese Journal of Infection Control ; (4): 347-350, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-701622


Objective To evaluate the application effect of meticulous management mode on prevention and control of infection related to pharmacy intravenous admixture service(PIVAS). Methods Qualified detection results of hygiene status of object surface,air culture quality,hand hygiene of medical staff in PIVAS in a hospital from Janu-ary 2014 to December 2016 were investigated,meticulous management measures were taken to intervene and analyze the detection results.Results The qualified rates of hand hygiene in 2014-2016 were 68.18%,81.82%,and 100.00% respectively,hand hygiene qualified rates in different years were statistically different(χ2=2.993,P=0.019). Qualified detection rates of surface of small objects,surface of horizontal laminar flow hoods,surface of biosafety cabinets,and air quality of dressing room Ⅰ and Ⅱ in PIVAS all increased to 100% in 2016.Conclusion Strengthening meticulous management of the internal work of PIVAS can effectively improve staff's standardized operation.

Chinese Journal of Medical Education Research ; (12): 718-722, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-700604


For the safety problems of internal medicine intravenous infusion,we carry out meticulous management,establish quality control system of intravenous infusion safety management,and formulate quality control plan.We collect and analyse the potential unsafety factors in the various departments of internal medicine.We have revised the intravenous infusion system and procedures,formulated standards for safety inspection of intravenous fluids,and standardized the admission system for nurses.We carry out training on intravenous infusion related knowledge for nursing staff,carry out meticulous management of venous transfusion links,and actively carry out learning and communication.All these measures have greatly enhanced the safety awareness of the nursing staff.The safety index of intravenous infusion for liver diseases was preliminarily summarized.The use rate of the safe indwelling needle was increased from 30.60% to 92.30%,the rate of appropriate rate of drop speed increased from 68.45% to 93.20%,the three sign standard rate rose from 75.20% to 95.10%,and the patient's satisfaction with infusion increased from 85.60% to 96.82%.Meticulous management can improve the safety of the internal medicine intravenous infusion as a whole.

Journal of Medical Informatics ; (12): 40-42, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-669430


The paper designs intelligent and meticulous nursing scheduling management system,introduces the system modules including basic information of personnel,scheduling of departments,attendance management,statistical analysis,etc.,and indicates that this system can be applied to reasonably allocate nursing resources and improve the management level of the nursing department.

Chinese Health Economics ; (12): 85-87, 2013.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-435576


Objective: Through managing objectives in our hospital, promote the hospital management. Methods:Use expert advice method to establish the target assessment index system, with the weighted index method to calculate the final score. Results: According to the characteristics of the department, develop differentiated, personalized indicators; objective management system consists of 3 level indicators medical examination standard (680 points), scientific research and teaching standards (220 points), departmental management assessment criteria(100 points), and 45 secondary indicator of internal medicine, surgical 49 second-level indicators. Conclusion: Objective management is the starting point of the hospital and meticulous management, and implementation of objective management enhance the awareness of the collective participation of the medical staffs at all levels, so that the department changes from passive management to active management, and it enhances department execution and promotes the hospital science directly.