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Recombinant secretory proteins based new ‘Cocktail ELISA’ as a marker assay to differentiate infected and vaccinated cows for Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection
Indian J Exp Biol ; 2019 Dec; 57(12):
Article | IMSEAR (South-East Asia), GHL | ID: sea-191430
Johne's disease is endemic in the domestic livestock population of India. Recently, we developed highly effective 'Indigenous vaccine' to control Johne’s disease in animals. In order to gain disease free status as per World Organization for Animal Health, it is essential to have a marker assay to differentiate between infected and vaccinated animals before vaccine can be used in the field. We have developed a new marker assay ‘Cocktail ELISA’ using six ‘recombinant secretary proteins’ (MAP 1693c, MAP 2168c, MAP Mod D, MAP 85c, MAP Pep AN and MAP Pep AC) and evaluated for diagnosis of Johne’s disease along with 'Indigenous ELISA kit'. This ‘Cocktail ELISA’ successfully differentiated the infected, vaccinated and healthy (non-infected) cows and will facilitate the use of Johne’s disease vaccine to control the disease in cows at national levels.





Full text: Available Index: GHL / IMSEAR (South-East Asia) Journal: Indian J Exp Biol Year: 2019 Type: Article